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CSEG Fonts

The words in the Columbia Southern Education Group (CSEG) logo are set in the font Palatino. All corporate and marketing communications use primarily Palatino and Optima. However, it is necessary to specify additional fonts for use on the web and in email correspondence. This is because not all computers are equipped with the primary CSEG fonts. The web and email fonts specified below are standard on most computer operating systems and, therefore, have been chosen to represent the online presence where the primary fonts cannot be used.


CSEG Colors

PMS 288c CMYK Build: C=100, M=75, Y=6, K=24; #003399; RGB Build: R=0, G=51, B=153

PMS 283c CMYK Build: C=40, M=8, Y=0, K=0; #AEBED7; RGB Build: R=174, G=190, B=215

PMS 114c CMYK Build: C=0, M=5, Y=77, K=0; #FFD75E; RGB Build: R=255, G=215, B=94

PMS 269c CMYK Build: C=78, M=100, Y=0, K=33; #46166b; RGB Build: R=70, G= 22, B=107

PMS 7406C CMYK Build: C=0, M=18, Y=100, K=0; #ffcf01; RGB Build: R=255, G= 209, B=0



CSEG Logo Downloads

These are the approved variations of the CSEG logo. Use your right mouse button to “Save as” to your desktop.


Download 300px W x 183px H (web resolution)
Download 900px W x 548px H (web resolution)

CSEG Logomark

CSEG Logomark

Download 300px W x 237px H (web resolution)
Download 900px W x 710px H (web resolution)

Horizontal Words Only


Download 500px W x 90px H (web resolution)
Download 898px W x 161px H (web resolution)

CSEG Logo Usage/Application

Logo Formats

CSEG’s logo is saved in different formats for different print and digital applications. Please refer to the information below to help you when selecting a logo for use.

NOTE: When resizing the logo, always hold the shift key (or other key combination) to maintain the proportions.

This format is best used for quality print vendors. It is a scalable graphic, meaning that is can be resized and not lose the quality of the logo. This is the format generally used (depending on the vendor) for large trade show displays, t-shirt designs, signs and banners.

High Resolution TIFF
This format is resolution-based and is very limited in scalability. The minimum high-quality print resolution for the CSEG logo is 300 dpi. However, 600 dpi is preferred. It is best not to upscale this type of logo in your design layout program.

These formats are used in various digital media including the web and PowerPoint presentations.

CSEG Email Signature Standards

CSEG Email Guidelines

Email Correspondence

  • Use of official logo and signatures only
  • Do not use background graphics or colors
  • The following fonts are recommended for body copy in emails:
    • Helvetica
    • Tahoma
  • For internal communication, the signature is not required for informal communication but is required for addressing a large group (for example: